Small pastries recipes

Small pastries recipes ???

If you have listened to the advices of Ice Ice Daddy .com, you will probably use egg yolks in some of your preparations but not whites. And it is not fair to waste and throw them in the bin. You can keep them to realize, when you will have time, a little extra that will perfectly go with your ice cream or will pleased people around you.

Whites can be kept in the fridge in an airtight box for up to 7 days. They will be used in recipes where they will be cooked so no health problem.
These aged egg whites are particularly recommended for making macaroons. To make macaroons, no recipes on Ice Ice Daddy .com but you will easily find some in books or in many websites.

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Here are some recipes without technical difficulties and rather quickly to make which will allow you to use the remaining egg whites.
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Recipe Difficulty Ingredients
Cat's tongues Easy egg white, icing sugar, butter, flour
Coconut rocks Easy egg white, sugar (sucrose), coco powdered, applesauce
French financier with lemon Easy egg white, icing sugar, butter, flour, almond powder
Meringues Easy egg white, sugar (sucrose), icing sugar

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