Operating rules

Essential step

Before using this tool, you must understand the effects of different sugar types and also the concepts of POD and PAC. If not, read this article. Do not panic, Ice Ice Daddy .com has simplified as much as possible theses informations but it is necessary to understand all this in order to use the tool in the best way.

Main principles

The first rule to observe is to input all the ingredients in the same unit . Ice Ice Daddy .com recommends to use grams. However, the tool operates normally if all your inputs are in another same unit (ounce, pound, ...).

When you modify some values to change the recipe balancing, it is recommended to make changes in both directions. If you increase a component value (+ 50 g for exemple), it is necessary to decrease of the same weight (- 50 g) one or several ingredients.
It is not required but it will be easier to see the effects of your changes on the balancing result.

The results will be each time displayed in a new tab. So, it will be easier to compare the effects of your changes in the recipe.

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Inputing ingredients

Use the drop-down menus of the different sections to input ingredients choosen for your ice cream. You must only enter the weight for each of them. The only exception concerns alcoholic beverages for which it is also necessary to enter the degree or volume of alcohol.
When a component is added at the end of the creaming step (example grape for malaga ice cream, chocolate for straciatella ice cream ...), this component should not be entered because it does not really have an effect on the balance of the mix. However adding such ingredients can modify the final result.

If your ingredients can not be found in the drop-down menus, try to find a category as close as possible regarding the characteristics of the product (content of water, sugar, cacao, fat).
If not possible, feel free to contact Ice Ice Daddy .com and ask if it is possible to add this new component in existing lists.

Calculation method

In order to evaluate the balancing level of the recipe, a lot of calculations are done. This tool could be updated to improve the calculation method which can not be considered as a "scientific" calculation with a 100 % guaranted result.
If it is not possible to guarantee that a well-balanced recipe will give a perfect result, on the other hand, it is possible to guarantee that a not-balanced recipe will produce a bad result.

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