Peach sorbet

Peach Sorbet

For this sorbet, I chose to use white peaches because I prefer their taste. White peach is a little sweeter. The result will therefore be a sorbet with a pretty pink color. You can instead use yellow peaches or a mixture of two.

You do not have all these ingredients ? No problem. Forget the stabilizer if you do not have any at home. Replace simply dextrose and inverted sugar by usual sugar (sucrose). The ice cream texture will not be perfect but you will still get a very good ice cream.


  • 600 g of mixed white peaches
  • 30 g of lemon juice
  • 130 g of water
  • 135 g of sucrose
  • 60 g of dextrose
  • 40 g of inverted sugar
  • 5 g of stabilizer

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- Take a small quantity of sucrose (50 g for example) and mix it with the stabilizer.
- Mix together the remaining sucrose (85 g) and dextrose.
- In a saucepan, pour water and inverted sugar and mix it. Start heating the preparation at low heat and add immediately the sucrose/dextrose mix. Stir constantly with a whisk.

- At 40 °C, add the sucrose/stabilizer mix.
- Continue to heat gently while stirring constantly with the whisk.
- When temperature reaches 85 °C, stop heating. Pour the preparation into another container and immerse it in a bath of ice water.
- Often control the preparation temperature stirring it with the kitchen thermometer. When the mix reaches approximatively 15 °C, wrap the container and place it in the refrigerator.
- Put in the refrigerator your entire peaches, entire lemon et let maturate one night.

- The next day, peel your peaches and mix them with the lemon juice.
- Add pears to the mixture made the day before and mix well with a hand blender.
- Pour your mix in the ice-maker to start creaming phase.

Lay out