The notion of POtere Dolcificante is, as its name suggests, from Italian origin. It is rather known by french ice-cream makers under the acronym of PS (Pouvoir Sucrant) and from american ice-cream makers under the acronym of SP (Sweetening Power) or Rel S (Relative Sweetness).
For ease of reading, only the term POD will be used on Ice Ice Daddy .com.

Basic principle

Many chemicals or natural substances have a sweet taste. This sweet flavor will be more or less pronounced. A classification was made using common cooking sugar (sucrose) as a reference. By convention, POD of sucrose is 100.
For example, dextrose will have a POD of 70. Concretely, a mix with 100 g of dextrose will have a less sweet taste than a mix with 100 g of sucrose.

How can it be useful for ice creams ?

To make a good ice cream, its POD value must be included in a range of values. An ice cream should taste sweet but not too sweet. The online balancing tool will show you values to reach.
In some cases, it is necessary to increase the weight of sugar to balance the recipe. This addition will increase the POD value of your ice cream. If you add a sugar with a lower POD, you will be able to decrease the POD of your mix and its sweet taste.
If a recipe is well-balanced but has a sweet taste a little too weak or too strong, the easy thing to do is to use a sugar with a different POD value to get the result you wish.

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Is it difficult ?

Absolutely not. In the article about sugars, you will see that there are many varieties. In fact, it will be quite simple. If you really wish to improve your ice creams, you will continue to use the usual sugar (sucrose) and will use about three other types of sugar.
You only have to know the POD of these four sugars to be able to make all combinations.

And no calculation to do ! The free online balancing tool of Ice Ice Daddy .com will calculate for you.

How to do ?

It is important to understand that POD calculation of an ice cream is not an exact scientific calculation. The chemistry of the ice cream will result in your ice cream being perhaps a little more or a little less sweet than the calculated value. This is particularly true case when using fruits.
Depending on their maturity, their variety, the fruits will have a variable sugar content. For calculations, the online balancing tool uses mean values. If you use very ripe and sweet fruits then you will probably have an higher POD.
Of course, profesionnal ice-cream makers will use tools like refractometers to precisely measure the sugar content and guarantee the taste of their products.

In conclusion, you will be able to control the taste of your ice cream as you wish. And if it is not clear enough, you will have practical examples in the recipe creation section.

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