The different categories

Sorbet, ice cream, milk gelato, fruit gelato ... Ice Ice Daddy .com tells you more about these different categories.
This description will be mainly based on appellations used in France which are the most precise and describe the different quality levels. These categories ensue not from a national regulation system but from the "code of fair pratices in ice cream" .
Do not worry, you will have some informations about international practices.

The sorbet

Fruit, sugar and water are the main ingredients to make a sorbet. The main caracteristic of the sorbet is the absence of fat. In order to have a well-balanced recipe, this lack of matter has to be compensated by another component : sugar. A sorbet is therefore sweeter than an ice cream.

Fruit sorbet must contain at least 25% of fruit. Beyond 45% of fruits, the sorbet can be called "full fruit sorbet".
In case of utilization of citrus or nuts, theses values can be lowered.

With a recipe containing vegetables, it is necesseray to have 25% minimum of vegetable in order to use the name "vegetable sorbet". In case of utilization of strong flavor vegetables, this value can be lowered.

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The sherbet

This category, with an american origin, is absolutely unknown in Europe. What is the difference with the sorbet ? The sherbet can contain up to 2% fat. The effect is to give a cremier structure than a sorbet and also to be really different from a fruit ice cream.

Gelato / Ice cream

In this category, we find recipes containing fat. Depending on countries, types are different.
In France, a milk gelato has to contain 2.5 % fat minimum. Beyond 5%, we are allowed to designate it as an ice cream. An egg gelato has to contain more than 7% yolks.

In United States of America, between 4 et 9% fat, we can use the term of "gelato" altough it is not regulated.
To be called "ice cream", the regulation imposes more than 10% fat. With more than 1.4% yolks, it is called "frozen custard" or "french ice cream".
In fact, this fat content can be really higher. Goff & Hartel distinguish 3 categories :
- standard ice cream between 10 and 12% fat
- premium ice cream between 12 and 14% fat
- super premium ice cream between 14 and 18% fat

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So ice cream or sorbet ?

The main advantage of the sorbet is its more authentical taste. The absence of fat give the best flavor of fruit, vegetable or aromatic plant.
With an ice cream, fat gives smoothness when tasting.

Other difference, the sorbet is more refreshing providing a more intense cold sensation than an ice cream. We can then use sorbet in summer and ice cream in winter.

For the nutritional aspect, the ice cream is interesting because it brings some calcium. The sorbet gives a better hydration because an higher water content.
Due to fat, an ice cream has more calories than a sorbet. Here is a small example of difference with several recipes. Little disadvantage for sorbet, it is sweeter than an ice cream so think of it.

For 100 g of Energy
Raspberry sorbet 127 kcal
Vanilla standard ice cream 8% fat 184 kcal
Vanilla super premium ice cream 17% fat 251 kcal

In fact, your calorie intake will be slightly different but we will talk about this later with the overrun concept.

To end the discussion, there is no good or bad choice. You know now the advantages and disadvantages of these two categories. You can choose your recipe according to your goal.
And with Ice Ice Daddy .com, you are going to learn how to have healthier homemade ice cream adjusting fat contant, sugar content ... or to have "greedier" recipes. It is your free choice !

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