Ice Ice Daddy .com deliberately simplified all the explanations and concepts as much as possible. To go further, you can consult the following resources which will provide you extremely interesting additional information.


- International Journal of Food and Science Nutrition - Freezing point depression of different Sucrose solutions and coconut water
- Journal of Dairy science - Effects on Freezing Point of Carbohydrates Commonly Used in Frozen Desserts - Smith/Bradley - 1983
- Journal of Dairy science - On the Calculation of the Freezing Point of Ice-Cream Mixes and of the Quantities of Ice Separated during the Freezing Process - Leigthon - 1927
- Danisco - Technical Memorandum - TM 2510 2e

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- - Sugar in ice cream
- - Sugar in ice cream
- - Calculating the Sugar Content of a Gelato - Gelatologist
- - How is gelato made - Gelatologist
- - How do you get the sweetness of ice cream or gelato just right? - Michael MULLAN
- - The necessity of pasteurisation and sterilisation
- - The Ice Cream Ebook - Professor GOFF
- - Serving Temperature and Anti freezing Point Ratio
- - Controlling the hardness of ice cream, gelato and similar frozen desserts
- - Perfect ice cream or gelato - Getting the hardness or scoopability just right - Michael MULLAN - 2013            

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- Sorbets et glaces de Lenôtre
- The perfect scoop - David Lebovitz
- Ice cream 7th edition - H. Douglas Goff & Richards W. Hartel
- I segreti del gelato - Il gelato senza segreti / Secrets of ice cream - Ice cream without secrets / Los secretos del Helado, los Helados sin secretos- Angelo Corvitto
- Il gelato artigianale italiano - Giovanni Pretti

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